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Jonathan Skaggs is a

creative leader who specializes in live event production, story-centric marketing, and theatrical performance.


Jonathan's Portfolios

Live Production

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Jonathans priority is to do work that helps artists and artistic comunities to thrive


Tell me

Jonathan Skaggs is an actor, producer, and creative currently based in Birmingham, Alabama. As an actor, Jonathan has performed professionally at theaters across the United States and has taught numerous masterclasses and workshops on performance and college audition prep. He holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from Samford University. 


As a producer, Jonathan served as the Creative Director for the high-production music and theatrical storytelling tour called, "GENERATE." In this role, he led all creative writing, production, design, and casting while managing a team of 30 creatives, designers, and actors to produce events for over 30,000 audiance members. Jonathan is also the producer and artistic director of the virtual cabaret series, "Songs from Separation," which ran for an entire season during the COVID-19 Pandemic. ​


As a creative marketer, he has written and produced over 30 video marketing campaigns and managed social media content and branding for @generateym360. The combination of his musical theatre sensibilities and passion for building community makes him particularly effective at growing a brand and increasing engagement. Jonathan's ability to communicate a clear vision and cohesive aesthetic strengthens the clarity and message of his campaigns.


Currently, Jonathan is the Director of Enrollment Management for Samford University School of the Arts. He oversees recruitment and talent evaluation of all incoming artists for the departments of Theatre & Dance, Music, Art & Design, and Architecture & Interior Design. 


Jonathan is happily married and enjoys writing and playing music, collecting vinyls, and going on adventure walks with his son.

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